Hello, My name is Linda.
I'm an English, French and Spanish teacher.

I'm the creator of this website and of the 4-Step method to sharpen your ability to speak English. 

With me you will not study English grammar, verbs or rules. With me you will sharpen your ability to listen, understand and answer in English language. Because, no matter if you can write, read or even you're able to say some sentences - if you don't understand what you're listening you have no way to communicate in English.

 Got it?

My objective is to have you happy and keep you coming back for more by providing you a FREE, fun and effective way to learn and improve your English.

 I want to give you a quality, fast and free tool to improve your English any moment you want, wherever
you are. 


If you are happy learning and improving your English every day I will be very happy too!

I need you to feel the satisfaction to learn new English expressions and skills, and to have the chance to
confirm that anybody can understand what you say in English!
I want you to feel English with Linda is really helping you.

You can have a lot of fun by practicing what you have learned by using your PC, laptop, tablet,

Even you can enjoy the program on your big TV screen, using your smartphone as a remote control.  

It's a must for me to help you build your own sentences.
I want you to learn to pronounce each new thing you learn right on the spot.
I want you to check yourself that your speech is understood by others!

English with Linda is not about studying.
It’s about having fun learning a bit every time you have the chance!


One bit at the time!

I don’t want to give you a hard time:
No classes.
No grammar rules.
No level tests.
No boring videos.

You don’t have to learn what you don’t need or you don’t want.
Just select what you want to learn or improve.
No matter your level. 
There are five to choose from.
Help yourself. 

 New modules are added everyday!
Do you want to contribute with a new expression?
Feel free to send it to me.
I will be very happy to make it accessible to the rest of the world!

  • Remember that it is for free!

  • No credit cards. No debit cards.

  • No commitments.

  • Just join us and enjoy. 

   That’s it! 

​ Enjoy English With Linda like a snack.
Take a bite. Learn about it.
Make it yours.
Make it part of your lifestyle.
Keep using it!

Sign up and verify that English with Linda is the best way to tune your ear: listen, understand and communicate verbally in English. And it is totally FREE!

By the way...
¿What did you learn from Linda today?